Travel Indochina to become ‘Insider Journeys’

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Rebranding to reflect expertise of ‘insider experiences’ within Small Group Journeys

After 21 years Asia travel specialist Travel Indochina is rebranding to Insider Journeys, effective from 2nd February 2015.

Managing Director and Co-Founder, Paul Hole says the change better reflects the philosophy and core focus of the company, and taps into the romance of travel.

“In recent years as we’ve expanded well beyond the Indochina region into much of Asia including Japan, China, India, Sri Lanka and Bhutan, we’ve been torn over changing our name, which reflects our heritage, to something that better articulates who we are,” explains Hole.

“We now feel that with 21 years’ history and experience, we’ve ‘come of age’ and the time is right to make this major change that captures the notion of richer, more intimate travel experiences in the style of travel we offer.

“Insider Journeys illustrates our ‘Insider’ knowledge and insights into the communities we visit and the depth of experience and understanding we share with our travellers. The ‘Journeys’ component clearly explains our core focus within the business of delivering ‘escorted small group journeys’.

“This is supported by the line “Imagine the stories”, recognising that travel is as much about the memories and sharing the stories afterwards as it is about the experience along the way.

“I’m exceptionally proud of the company we’ve built – and would like to give people a better sense of what it is that we offer so they can share in the journey and the stories too.”

According to Joe Ponte, General Manager, Customer Experience and Marketing, the renewal will be reflected across all aspects the brand, including a refreshed consumer website to be launched in February 2015 and newly branded brochures that bring the brand to life through the use of rich texture, evocative wording and improved layouts to better inspire and assist travellers in choosing the best journey for them.

“Rebranding is a huge step for any company, especially one as established as we are in a particular market,” says Ponte.

“The change is not something we have taken lightly; it has been underpinned by a very rigorous and deliberate strategic process over the past 18 months, including consumer research and working closely with our agency for many months, to arrive at where we are today.

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