Struth! That’s no way to park a Lambo

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 IN his continuing search for the more weird, wacky and wondrous in the world of travel, David Ellis says a hotel car-park valet in India has been given indefinite leave “to recover psychologically” from having crashed a guest’s shiny white Lamborghini sports car – first into the back of another car, and then into a concrete wall.

The valet had moved the car from the Le Meridien Hotel’s car park in New Delhi, briefly get out, re-entered the vehicle – and guests watched in horror as he took-off with a lurch, first slamming into the rear of the other car, and then sickeningly into the wall.

The damage bill is said to be around the AU$330,000 mark, with a hotel spokesperson saying the hotel forecourt had been wet from rain when the incident occurred.

“The valet has worked with us for 10 years,” the spokesperson said. “He’s on indefinite leave until he recovers psychologically… when he does come back to work, we may not put him straight back on valet as he could initially be quite nervous.”





[] SORRY sight: the crumpled Lamborghini. (BigBoysToyzFacebook)


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