Novotel Christchurch Cathedral Square to re-open on 19 August

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Novotel Christchurch Cathedral Square will re-open its doors on Monday 19 August, in a significant boost to the city’s tourism industry.

The hotel’s re-opening not only opens up crucial tourism infrastructure but it will also play a key role in the revival of Cathedral Square, following the removal of the Red Zone cordon around the city centre. Novotel Christchurch lobby
Novotel Christchurch Cathedral Square joins Accor’s other central city hotel, Ibis Christchurch, in adding new accommodation, dining and conference facilities, while offering some of the best views over the city and iconic Cathedral ruins.

The reincarnated 154-room hotel with extensive conference and meeting facilities will play a major role in central Christchurch’s ability to host large tour groups, as well as major conferences. Local residents are also set to welcome the addition of new dining options in the city which have been relatively limited over the past two years. Over 50 Cantabrians will be employed at the hotel.

Novotel Christchurch exteriorGeneral Manager of Novotel Christchurch Cathedral Square, Carl Braddock, said that the re-opening of the Novotel will mark another significant step in the recovery of the city’s tourism industry.

“When we open the Novotel it will be instrumental in easing the critical shortage of central city accommodation and provide much-needed employment for local residents in Christchurch. We are fully committed to ensuring that the city is firmly back on the tourism map and deserved of a prominent place on business and leisure travel itineraries.

“Since the Ibis hotel opened one year ago, we’ve seen tremendous changes taking place in the CBD so we’re really excited to see the heart of Christchurch beating again. We’re more than ready to spread the message that the city centre is well and truly open for business and we look forward to accommodating travellers in 4-star style and comfort.”

The Novotel is just a short walk from many of Christchurch’s re-emerging areas, such as the New Regent Street art deco shopping precinct and the ultra innovative Re:Start shopping mall, built from brightly coloured and attractively arranged shipping containers.

Only just over one year old when the earthquake hit Christchurch in February 2011, the Novotel was the city’s newest hotel and while many of the buildings around the hotel had to be demolished, the Novotel sustained only minor structural – although considerable interior – damage.

Novotel Christchurch Cathedral Square will have an official opening ceremony on the anniversary of the first earthquake on 4 September.

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