Author, Jennifer Niven, to join special voyage 100 years after Karluk expedition

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Jennifer Niven on Wrangel Island in 2005 (R Eime)

Expeditioners on the Spirit of Enderby are set to benefit from Author Jennifer Niven’s knowledge of the doomed Karluk expedition when she joins a special Heritage Expeditions commemorative voyage in August 2014.

Niven’s book ‘The Ice Master’ traces the events of the Karluk and as Guest Speaker she will enhance the voyage to remote Wrangel Island – the location where Karluk survivors were rescued 100 years previously.

The 1913/14 Karluk expedition is a true story of hardship and loss. During an age in which there were still unexplored regions of the globe, the intention was to explore the “white patches on our map, lying between Alaska and the North Pole”. Without wishing to simplify an incredible story, pack ice destroyed the ship leaving the remaining souls to live on the ice floes. After an arduous trek across sea ice, some made landfall on isolated Wrangel Island. Of 24 who began the expedition, 13 survived. It is difficult to fathom the courage needed to survive in a hostile environment with human nature at its most raw. The survivors were finally rescued in September 1914.

The events surrounding the Karluk were in danger of being lost to time until Niven stumbled upon the story. Following years of meticulous research gleaned from shipmate’s diaries, archives and an interview with a survivor, she faithfully retells the epic story set in the Arctic.

Niven is undeniably the doyen of the Karluk expedition and will share her wisdom with expeditioners onboard the Spirit of Enderby. This is a unique opportunity to explore an Arctic island with an intriguing human history accompanied by experts.

Across the Top of the World (Karluk Commemorative Voyage) 8-22 August 2014 with cabin prices starting from US $9,800.

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