137 Pillars House Introduces CSR Guest Visiting Program with Chiang Mai School for Life

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137 Pillars House Introduces New CSR Programme with C/Mai School for Life

137 Pillars House has introduced a new guest activity program in conjunction with School for Life, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility Program to support the local community.  Guests can visit the school and interact with the pupils while participating in meaningful activities to support the children and the School.
This stunning 30-suite property featured on the 2013 Hot List for “Best New Hotels in the World” by Conde Nast Traveler (USA) and “Top 25 Luxury Hotels in Thailand” by TripAdvisor, is a property of SilverNeedle Collection. This CSR program is part of their Signature Brand Initiatives designed to deliver authentic guest experiences.
Chiang Mai’s School for Life was established by Professor Juergen Zimmer and Thaneen “Joy” Worrawittayakun in 2003.  This Internationally sponsored project provides home and care for children who live in difficult situations. Initially, the main target group was Aids-orphans, but many children with diverse backgrounds came to live at School for Life including Tsunami orphans.  School for Life provides for their basic needs, offers psychosocial and medical care, and a new home; and aims to make the best possible education available to them, while respecting their right to a happy childhood.

School for Life is an officially recognized Social Welfare School, with a concept that has been described by the UNESCO as “a much needed world-class innovative effort in the field of education” and as “a new standard of educational excellence for the world community of the 21st century”.
The partnership between School for Life and 137 Pillars House began when the hotel held a fundraising concert by Internationally known Jazz Duo Tuck and Pattie, supported by the famous Blues musician Matthew Kelly, which raised over Baht 160,000 (USD 5,300) for the school.  

When presenting the fund at the school, it became a life-changing event for the Hotel’s General Manager Manfred Ilg, who has since become the godfather of one of the children, sponsoring his education and his monthly costs of living and visiting the young boy on a regular basis.

The School for Life creates jobs for local people, providing employment in farming, civil works or child-care activities. Following the community development approach, adults are included in project work, which target local key issues such as recycling or organic farming. The visit of the Thai Crown Princess, HRH Sirindhorn in 2005, intensified the growing positive relationship with the Thai Ministry of Education and the provincial Government.
In order to secure the well-being of the children, the school depends on the support of companies and individuals, seeking partners that not only help us cover the current monthly expenses but also join us in securing the open costs over a longer period of time so they can accept more children. Currently there are many other children that would like to join the school, not only to receive an education but to find a home.
Guest Programs
In addition to financial support, the School is seeking assistance with activities that require manpower to make the school and living facilities even better for its students.    The students live in ‘families’ of up to 20 children in one group.
The hotel’s guest program gives guests a change to actively participate in the project of their choice and to spend time with the children, which makes a positive lasting impression on all concerned.    Guests can choose the activities they wish to participate in which include:
  • Choosing from a list of needed supplies/clothing/ etc., constantly updated by the Schools Suisse General Manager. The hotel will then assist the guests with the purchase (at no surcharge) and guests can choose to have the supplies delivered to the school by the hotel, or to pay the School a personal visit. Supplies may include, but are not limited to clothing and shoes, school supplies and personal supplies for the children.
  • Sponsoring and participating in a special event for a “family” or the entire school. This could be a BBQ or other special banquet (the children love Pizza), performing a simple play for the children, or help make the family houses and the school a more beautiful and cheerful place to live. All equipment/food/etc will be organized by the hotel’s staff at no extra cost to the guests, and hotel staff will assist the guests throughout the execution of the event.  
  • Organizing sports activities and games for the children on location (the hotel will happily assist with any purchase of sport equipment/games etc. at no extra cost).
  • The Godparent program. The School will happily provide the guests with a list of the neediest children and guests can opt to sponsor the monthly costs for education or the cost of living – or both. This can easily be done through bank transfers from anywhere in the world.
  • Guests who are interested in these programs will receive planning support by the hotel staff and accompanied during the activities by staff from the School for Life to assist during their visit.
  • Further projects, which may involve hotel guests, are currently being discussed. These include the purchase of a house in Chiang Mai for the children who are continuing their vocational training after graduation form the School for Life, and to raise funds for the vocational training programs, as well as the construction and equipment of a training kitchen at the School for Life premises.
For more information on the CSR program, please contact 137 Pillars House on:
Tel:  +66 53 247 788 
Email:     gm@137pillarshouse.com Website: www.137pillarshouse.com
Facebook:   www.facebook.com/137pillarshouse.com

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