Hurtigruten unveils Explorer Voyages Brochure for 2014-15 – offering new and tantalizing experiences

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No trend is more apparent in travel these days than experiential travel – the desire of guests to experience more local and unique interactions and take home knowledge and a greater understanding of where they have been.  Hurtigruten, a leader in exploration voyages to remote regions, makes this a primary mission of each of its unique Explorer itineraries.  Whether it is meeting with local Inuit in Greenland; enjoying the genuine Russian atmosphere of Spitsbergen’s historic Barentsburg settlement; camping overnight with expert guides on the frozen expanse of Antarctica; viewing the rich birding sites along Iceland’s diverse coast; or exploring numerous UNESCO sites along the islands of Southern Europe with lectures on the cultures and history.

    Hurtigruten’s new 2014/2015 Explorer Voyages brochure details these amazing places and experiences within its 92 pages and is available both in download form and by mail at  Equally impressive are the many pages filled with images taken by Hurtigruten’s past guests – stellar shots that are sure to entice.

    Just as important as the focus on the experience, is Hurtigruten’s focus on safety and safeguarding these remote destinations seriously giving the company a true leadership position in the world of sustainable travel.  Hurtigruten belongs to numerous environmental organizations including AECO, IAATO and Clean Up Svalbard, all of which demand that members maintain responsible travel safeguards for future generations.

    A series of new excursions bring guests closer to the local feel and flavor of the remote regions visited by Hurtigruten’s fleet of 12 ships.

  • Guests on Hurtigruten’s Antarctica, Spitsbergen, Falkland Islands and Greenland voyages now have the opportunity to pitch tents and camp overnight on these remote frozen landscapes.  Using top-of-the-line equipment and developed in collaboration with the Norwegian Polar Institute, this once-in-a-lifetime experience includes small walks, expert guides and true bragging rights.  For those preferring to remain on board, Hurtigruten offers a sunbed and sleeping bag to enjoy a night out on deck, watching icebergs in the night’s soft light and enjoying hot chocolate.
  • Fish with the officers and crew of the MS Fram while in Greenland.  Guests can choose to spend about three hours fishing for dinner as at least one officer and some members of the crew make their way out in a small fishing boat to favored fishing sites.  All equipment is supplied and the chef is happy to prepare your catch for dinner.
  • Kayaking between the icebergs and ice floes of Antarctica’s waters offers guests a true sense of the tranquility of such a remote region of the world.  No sounds except the occasional splash of the oar or the cracking of nearby ice reaches the kayaker.  Looking at the White Continent from water level provides a unique experience to be shared with friends for years to come.  The sea kayaks, dry suits, snacks and lunch as well as expert guides are all included.

    Six Greenland itineraries, three in Spitsbergen (along with four land-based options), five in Antarctica, one in Iceland and seven in Europe (including two transatlantic crossings) show off the variety of Hurtigruten Explorer product.  Highlights include:

  • The Vikings ruled the waters of the North Atlantic and Hurtigruten takes guests to many of their ancient landmarks, from Scotland’s Edinburgh and Aberdeen to Iceland’s Westman Islands.  Highlights include Edinburgh’s medieval Old Town (a UNESCO site); PolarCirkel boat landings on the Isle of Skye; the islands of the Inner Hebrides; the original Viking settlement of Stornoway; the small 10th-century capital city of Tórshavn; and the 15 spectacular islands of Iceland’s The Vestmannaeyjar.  The 13-day sailing of The Viking Route departs May 13, 2014.
  • Disko Bay & The Southern Fjords is an in-depth exploration of the epicenter of the world’s climate change conversation – Greenland.  Guests on the 13-day adventure learn from experts about the world’s largest island, its people and culture.  Experiences include visiting traditional Inuit settlements such as Qeqertarsuaq and Qassiarsuk, watching jewelry and art craftsman at work in Susumiut, and hiking to the abandoned settlement of Sermermiut.  Departs May 5, 2014.
  • Celebrate a traditional Christmas with white scenery and little fellas in tuxes to greet you when coming ashore in Antarctica.  Hurtigruten explores the White Continent with years of experience and experts to guide the guests.  The 17-day Christmas Expedition makes numerous landings in Antarctica and spends time in the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the South Orkneys as well.

    Proudly transporting both freight and passengers for 120 years, Hurtigruten is a world leader in expedition voyages, sailing to such remote destinations as Antarctica, Greenland and the Arctic’s Spitsbergen, as well as year round along Norway’s coast and Europe in the spring and fall. The company’s fleet of 12 intimate ships, which each carry 100 to 646 guests, allows travelers to enjoy the scenery and culture of the destination in a relaxed atmosphere. Additional information, brochures and reservations can be obtained from travel agents or Hurtigruten’s visitor-friendly website,; by phone at 877-301-3117; or fax at 888-524-2145. To order brochures 24 hours a day, call 800-582-0835.

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