Australian Delegates at Tourism Malaysia Aeromeet 2013

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Australian delegates at the Tourism Malaysia Aeromeet 2013 famil, media and trade program receive their certificates of participation from TM Director General, Dato Mirza Mohammad Taiyab, and TM Director Int’l Promotion Division, Datin Normasila Musla.

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Roderick Eime (Media), Rachel Thien Li Shi (Lacity Travel), Joyce Phan (Media), Robert Leung Wai Kwan (Chung Pak Travel), Max Llewelyn (Media), Marijana Kolar (Phil Hoffman), Peter Terlato (Media), Trinity Hastwell (Hastwell Travel & Cruise), Hayley Ovens (Venture Holidays), Dato Mirza Mohammad Taiyab (TM), Corinne Seth (New Horizon Holidays), Kamarul Omar (Mahsuri Travel), Danielle Hanrahan (Media), His Ching Sun (MyTravelShoppe), Jo Hug (HWT Belmont), Tanya Mabbott (RAC Travel Mandurah), Marie Anne Whyte (Whyte House Travel), Datin Normasila Musla (TM). Photo: Edward Low
The presentation night was held at a beachside function at
The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa
where guests ate on specially made tables in the sand.
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