Expedition Passengers Invited to Join Traditional Festival in Far East Russia

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Chukotka - Women in rope pulling event

Reindeer lasso throwing, tug-of-war, harpoon events, Inuit jump, whaleboat races, stick running, fish-line casting, stick pulling.

Just a taster of the events that Heritage Expedition‘s passengers will be witnessing at the annual Beringia Festival in Chukotka, Far East Russia held this July. Passengers aboard the Chukotka – Where Russia’s Day Begins voyage will be welcomed to the festival by locals as part of an expedition in the remote region.

Every year, the people of the Chukotka region gather together to test their skill and ability in traditional activities. As well as a social occasion, this colourful event continues to keep cultural traditions alive across the generations. Entrants improve and perfect their mastery in traditional activities using original forms of physical exercise to enhance their health, and also involve their children in the traditional activities.

Immersed in the sights, sounds, and tradition of the festival, it will be an experience that will make this expedition even more memorable. Topped off with expert guides and lecturers onboard, passengers will come away with an enriched understanding of the culture, history and the impressive wildlife of the region.

Chukotka – Where Russia’s Day Begins is a 14-day voyage departing on 11 July – 24 July 2013 with berths available from $7600. The first 15 bookings for the voyage will receive a free return flight from Nome to Anadyr worth USD$2000 pp return. Be quick!

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