Breaking News: Helicopter mishap leaves True North passengers stranded

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A file image showing the Eurocopter Squirrel operating from True North

 News just in and it appears the onboard helicopter from True North ferrying passengers on an excursion to Dirk Hartog Island was disabled in high winds while embarking passengers.

Passengers were forced to remain on the island until a rescue could be mounted using a locally commandeered 4WD and the ship’s tenders.

While there are no reports of injuries, it seems the Eurocopter Squirrel will need to remain on the island until repairs can be effected, which will likely take weeks.

“We’ll finish this trip (West Coast Explorer) without a chopper and have this one repaired in time to begin the Kimberley season,” said True North co-owner, Craig Howson, speaking exclusively to by mobile phone from Dirk Hartog Island.

True North passengers have had an unusual dose of adventure on this itinerary when a minor fire delayed their departure from Fremantle by 48hrs.

In 2008, a Bell 407 helicopter from True North crashed into Talbot Bay.

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