Unconfirmed: Silver Explorer damaged en route to Antarctica

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News reports indicate the Silversea vessel, Silver Explorer, has been damaged by a wave in Antarctica. A Google translation from the German language site, www.schiffe-und-kreuzfahrten.de reads:

Silver Explorer Silversea Cruises was caught by wave on the way to Antarctica – is The Silver Explorer Silversea Cruises into a storm in the South Polar Sea, as well as two more ships. The Silver Explorer had about 130 guests on board when a wave smashed into the bridge and a disc has broken. The small expedition ship is now reversed to Ushuaia. Four people were injured. Whether the Silver Explorer is now repaired or canceled the trip is not known. It was known that prevails on the route storm with over 8 foot waves, the dolphin turned therefore from the north and did not happen as planned, the southern route as two other ships including the Silver Explorer

We are waiting for official word from the cruise line.

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