Kimberley: Coast of Many Colours

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Orion serves as a comfortable base for exploring the fascinating
Kimberley coast of northern Australia . Picture: Orion Expeditions

Judith Elen

LIKE, say, a Van Gogh painting, the rust-red cliffs and canyons of Western Australia’s Kimberley coast, with their strange shapes and colours, need to be seen at first hand to be truly appreciated — and, ideally, from the water. 
Vibrant sea greens frame the ancient orange-ochre of the land, and the expeditionary ship Orion forms a bridge. It’s a cool way to be here. And there are turtles.

Orion Expedition Cruises’ Kimberley itinerary moves between land and sea as easily as stepping into one of the ship’s black rubber Zodiacs. It suits the timeless alliance of earth and water and gives passengers access to places difficult to reach. Sea breezes temper the heat of the sun and Orion is a cosseting base.

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