Aurora Expeditions Begin Voyages to Where Few Have Ever Been – The Russian Arctic and Russian Far East

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Aurora Expeditions is once again pushing the boundaries of expedition travel with voyages to the Russian Arctic and Russian Far East; a land of complex history, unique cultures, inspiring landscapes and astounding wildlife.

Aurora Expeditions ‘Voyage to the End of the Earth’ is a 14-day adventure to the Russian Arctic departing Murmansk. Prices start from US$8,080 per person.

Discover a region so remote and wild, that few have ever been. The 191 pristine islands that make up Franz Josef Land were the planets last major landmass to be discovered. Uninhabited, minus a few Russian border guards, this is the realm of the polar bear, walrus, seals and the elusive beluga whale. Only accessible by sea, the region has been open to foreigners since 1991. This geological wonder really is the world’s last frontier, virtually untouched and waiting to be explored.

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 ‘The Ring Of Fire’, our Russian Far East voyage,  will unlock the mysteries of the Kuril Islands, taking you deep into a wildlife and geological wonderland. Departing Petropavlovsk-Kamchatasky, this 13-day voyage will showcase the lush valleys, lakes and rivers, and snow capped volcanoes of Kamchatka’s east coast. Brown bears feast on berries and salmon. Our fleet of Zodiacs will carry you to intimate viewings of spectacular seabird, Stellar sea lions, whales and otters and seal colonies. Prices start from US$7,250 per person.

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Both voyages will set sail on Aurora Expeditions brand new ship, Akademik Shokalskiy. This ice-strengthened research ship was built in Finland in 1982. Fully refurbished in 2008, the ship provides accommodation for a maximum of 54 passengers as well as two dining rooms, lounge bar, lecture theatre, sauna and an ‘Open Bridge’ policy.

Aurora Expeditions’ Russian Coastline voyages are staffed by premium expedition leaders, naturalists, historians and geologists and the Russian crew are keen to show off their country’s natural beauty – delivering some of the finest expedition cruises in Russia.

Deeply committed to education and preservation of the environment, Aurora Expeditions’ philosophy is to respectfully visit these wilderness areas, in turn creating ambassadors for their protection.

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