Blue Lagoon Cruises announce fuel surcharge from May 1

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FIJI’S Blue Lagoon Cruises says it’s had no choice other than to introduce a fuel surcharge on existing and new bookings from May 1 following continual rises in oil prices, including a dramatic 10.2% in Fiji in the past three weeks alone.

“Up until now we have absorbed these rises, but nobody could have foreseen the extent of this recent price rise that has far outstripped our fuel price projections that were made as far back as 18 months ago,” said CEO, Tim Stonhill.

“As distasteful and unpopular as it is bound to be, we have no choice other than to introduce a fuel surcharge on all reservations, both existing and new, with an embarkation date on or after 1st May 2011. This surcharge of FJ$25 per person per day, inclusive of taxes, will be applicable to all passengers aged 15 years and over.

“We would ask agents to clearly advise all passengers of this charge and to write it on vouchers and itineraries as being an extra charge. We will collect the fee from all passengers at check-in for their cruise.”

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