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Arguably rum is one of the most diverse spirits around, with examples coming from all over the globe including the Caribbean, Philippines, Venezuela, Cuba, and Trinidad and Tobago. But it’s an Australian owned rum – Holey Dollar Rum – which is taking the world by storm with its unique and distinctive flavours setting it apart from the mass-produced rums that dominate the spirits market.

Having already been recognised at the International Wine and Spirit Competition two years in a row by taking out some of the highest honours in the spirits category, this week the Holey Dollar Rum range was celebrated at The Spirits Masters Series…

Rum                                                                                          Awarded

Holey Dollar Rum Cask Strength (75.9% A/V) (RRP $84.99)           MASTER

Holey Dollar Rum Overproof (57.2% A/V) (RRP $64.99)                MASTER

Holey Dollar Rum Premium (40% A/V) (RRP $39.99)                     GOLD

MASTER is the highest accolade that can be awarded by The Spirits Masters Series and is only awarded in exceptional cases when the product clearly stands out well above its competitors. The Spirits Masters Series is held by The Spirits Business Magazine, a publication that takes its spirits very seriously and is the only international trade title that is solely dedicated to what is going on globally in the world of spirits. The Rum Masters section of the competition is independently judged by a panel of leading industry experts. Judging is done on appearance, nose, palate and overall balance.

Stuart Gilbert says, “It’s wonderful that the International market is recognising the quality of the rums that we are creating but what’s even better is seeing how Australian consumers are embracing the ‘buy local, think global’ concept. The growing group of Holey Dollar Rum drinkers are people that are passionate about discovering something a little bit different and enjoy consuming the highest quality, world-class products, but at the same time, appreciate something that is actually close to home and 100% Australian Family Owned Company. Go on, join the rum rebellion!”


Holey Dollar Rum is named after the coins with holes punched out that, significantly, superseded rum as the main form of currency in NSW after the Rum Rebellion. The name was chosen by owned and maker, Master Distiller Stuart Gilbert (2009 IWSC International Distiller of the Year) to reflect the Australian Heritage of the brand and honour the Australian pioneering spirit by hand-crafting a rum at a very high level of quality craftsmanship whilst remaining affordable to all.

Holey Dollar Rum is distilled from the finest and purest Fijian sugar cane. This cane is hand cut to yield the highest possible sugar content and produces molasses of unsurpassed quality. The ingredients are distilled in a 100 year old wood fired copper Pot Still under a unique and specific Australian recipe.

No longer banished to be mixed with coke or orange juice, these are finely hand-crafted rums with smooth, complex aromas and flavours, and offered in 3 strengths to suit different palates and occasions.

Stocked at: First Choice nationally, and other selected liquor outlets

Stockists Contacts: Stuart Gilbert, Holey Dollar Rum T: 0411 508 070

E:  or visit

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