Qantas to lift fuel surcharges

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Source: Travelmole

Qantas is to increase its international fuel surcharges in response to rising oil and fuel prices.

CEO Alan Joyce announced the increases during a speech at the Melbourne Press Club today.

The extra surcharges will range between $20 and $50 one-way.

Qantas said it was the first such increase since January 2008 and follows a move by other airlines, including Singapore Airlines and British Airways, who have increased fuel surcharges this year.

“We don’t do this lightly, and it comes after four fuel surcharge decreases over the past three years,” Joyce said.

Joyce added that while the Australian dollar has appreciated by six percent over the past four months, jet fuel prices have risen by around 24 percent.

He said low-cost subsidiary Jetstar would address the fuel price issue via “selective changes to air fares and increases in ancillary revenue, including baggage charges”.

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