Save 15% when booking back-to-back Russian Arctic voyages

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When you book on both of our ‘Secrets of the White Sea’ & ‘Voyage to the End of the Earth’, back-to-back, you will SAVE 15% off the total price*

Secrets of the White Sea, 17 July to 26 July 2011

Steeped in history stemming back centuries, the White Sea is home to an abundant display of ancient cultures. Isolated fishing villages, prehistoric labyrinths, medieval monasteries and harsh gulags; the World Heritage-listed Solovestskiy Islands also offer a magical piece of Russia’s north. From mushroom gatherers to Orthodox monks, we meet people who are proud and protective of their remarkable heritage.

Secrets of the White Sea’ will open up a world of exquisite Arctic beauty. Departing Murmansk, this 10-day voyage will showcase the Arctic summer, as it turns tundra-covered coasts of the Kola Peninsula into colourful displays of local wildflowers. Our fleet of Zodiacs will carry us to intimate viewings of spectacular seabird and seal colonies, whilst our experienced expedition staff will help unlock the secrets of this historic-clad region. Prices start from $US6,900 per person. Kayaking option available. Click here to view the voyage itinerary.

Voyage to the End of the Earth, 26 July to 8 August 2011

Discover a region so remote and wild, that few have ever been. The 191 pristine islands that make up Franz Josef Land were the planets last major landmass to be discovered! Uninhabited, minus a few Russian border guards, this is the realm of the polar bear, walrus, seals and the elusive beluga whale. Only accessible by sea, the region has only been open to foreigners since 1991. This geological wonder really is the world’s last frontier, virtually untouched and waiting to be explored!

Aurora Expeditions’ ‘Voyage to the End of the Earth’ is a 14-day adventure and one of the only ways to reach this Arctic wonderland. Departing Arkhangelsk, we hope to visit the once forbidden Novaya Zemlya before pushing to the outer limits of the Barents Sea, reaching the ice-capped islands of Franz Josef Land. Prices start from US$8,080 per person. Kayaking option available. Click here to view the voyage itinerary.

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*Conditions apply. Not valid with any other offer. Offer ends 31 December 2010.

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