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Following in the wake of the European launch of Apple’s iPad, the Sofitel Luxury Hotels brand is launching its own iPad application called “The Kiosk.”

“The Kiosk” serves as an interactive press review, offering a selection of daily newspapers and magazines on economics, sports, fashion and lifestyle. Guests staying in the most prestigious Sofitel suites and locations in four major European cities – Paris, London, Munich and Brussels – are provided with iPads during their stay.

The application allows guests to choose from a selection of 6 newspapers and magazines for each of the 6 selected countries: France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy and the United States.

Le Monde, The Wall Street Journal, El Pais, The Financial Times, Die Welt, Vogue and l’Officiel, French fashion magazine with unique archives dating back to 1920… are just some of the titles available for easy browsing by users.

The iPad is a trendy, practical and environmentally friendly way to keep abreast of current events, fashion or sports results while enjoying an exceptional reading experience on the device’s high-resolution screen with LED backlighting.

Eventually, the brand intends to enhance its offering by providing press selections from more countries and expanding the service across its entire network worldwide for guests in its most prestigious suites. Finally, new services will gradually be added to the application to meet the constantly changing needs of its international clientele.

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