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david ellis

EVER since founding their Tim Adams Wines in 1986, Tim and wife Pam Goldsack have relied on some of the Clare Valley’s best grape-growers for fruit for their renowned Tim Adams’ Rieslings.

But they’re just broken from the mould, releasing a 2009 Riesling and a 2008 Reserve Riesling made, for the first time, from fruit entirely from their own wholly-owned or leased vineyards.

“We’ve always relied on a dozen independent growers whose fruit has been integral to our success,” Tim says. “But as funds have become available we’ve bought or leased vineyard blocks to now give us control over our winemaking destiny.

“It’s given us management over such crucial parameters as canopy structure, leaf-to-fruit ratios, and probably most importantly, fruit yield per acre. It means also that we don’t have to negotiate about doing things such as bunch-thinning and the like.”

Their 2009 Tim Adams Riesling was crafted from fruit off their three wholly-owned vineyards and one over which they have a long-term lease. At $23.99 this is a real pearler, with zesty citrus-laden flavours that make it ideal to savour with all kinds of seafoods.

ONE FOR LUNCH:   NEW Zealand’s essenze Wines (yes, it’s a small ‘e’) have brought to Australia their latest flagship Pinot Noir from the Bendigo sub-region in Central Otago, the 2008.

Hand-crafted in small batches from exceptional quality fruit, this is an outstanding wine with beautifully spicy dark cherry aromas, rich and concentrated dark fruit flavours, and silky tannins. Pay $45 and team it up at a dinner party with slow-casseroled lamb shanks and garlic mashed potatoes.



[] IDEAL with all kinds of seafoods

[] JUST the drop with slow-casseroled lamb shanks and garlic mashed potatoes

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