Struth! Smugglers Gulch

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IN his continuing search for the more weird, whacky and wonderous in the world of travel, DAVID ELLIS says that if you’ve ever wondered what its like to be a Mexican making a bolt across No Man’s Land on the border with the USA, you can now experience it for yourself.

You’ll find yourself being chased by (fake) police firing blanks, scrambling under viaducts, crossing rickety makeshift bridges, wading through rivers, sludging through cornfields, and finally scrambling under a barbed wire fence similar to that into the US… all in complete night-time pitch blackness.

Local Hnanhnus Indians who own the Parque Eco Alberto three hours out of Mexico City put on regular “alien running” tours to help tourists understand the trauma of running the border with gun-wielding police in pursuit; it costs US$18 for the four hour experience – and your guides can include women with babies and children who play out the role of illegal immigrant with you.

Over three thousands tourists have taken part in the tours to date.

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