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 Monday, 21 May 2018
Mosquito Free Zone PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 09 May 2006
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Raid Protector  


The welcomed rains that parts of Australia are experiencing at the moment are providing the perfect moist conditions that breeding mosquitoes love. Within 4-7 days, newly hatched mosquitoes will be targeting early evening BBQs, campsites, beach get-togethers and family picnics.  What is most needed is a MOSQUITO FREE ZONE!

The Raid Protector Outdoor Mozzie Lamp is a convenient and effective solution that customers have been buzzing about!  Using an advanced pad technology, the Raid Protector Outdoor Mozzie Lamp releases a fragrance-free insect repellent when heated by the tealight size candle, providing:

  • Up to 4 hours of mosquito protection
  • The ability to repel mosquitoes from an area 5 meters x 5 meters
  • 15 times greater protection from mosquitoes outdoors, than regular citronella candles.
As well as providing effective mosquito protection, the decorative lamp is an attractive addition to any outdoor dining table setting giving out protection that glows and creating a relaxing atmosphere for entertaining.  Customers who have tried the Raid Protector Outdoor Mozzie Lamp are saying "Finally a product that works and really keeps the mosquitoes away."

Given that some species of mosquitoes can lay an average of 1,000 to 3,000 eggs in their lifetime, the Raid Protector Outdoor Mozzie Lamp will make sure none of the guests around the table are uninvited!  Available nationally from leading supermarkets and hardware stores; the Raid Protector Outdoor Mozzie Lamp (contains 1 x lamp,  1 x repellent mat & 1x refill candle) RRP $12.06.  Also available, Raid Protector Outdoor Mozzie Lamp 3 Refills Pack (contains 3 x repellent mats & 3 x refill candles) RRP $7.99

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 09 May 2006 )
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